1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their life times. Here are some of their stories, and the stories of the people that love them.

"So Off You Go!"

Amanda, Mother of 3. 17 year Survivor. Special appearance by son Alex.

"Janie's Song"

Janie Barnett sings and speaks about feeling re-committed to her music after breast cancer

"A Husband's Tale"

Dr. Lou Aledort, MD and caregiver who lovingly attended to his wife during her breast cancer treatment

"Art Heals"

Janie Barnett, Singer - Songwriter - Survivor

"Baby Girl, You Can Do This!"

Vernel Sanders, mother and stage 3 breast cancer survivor, and her daughter and caregiver Cole McBride

"Family Tree"

Lisa Held, journalist living with the brca2 gene mutation

"Words Matter"

Kim Galway, living with triple negative breast cancer since 2012

"Wigging Out"

Girlfriends Kim and Vera


Kelly Fisher Collamore shares some helpful tips about comfortable clothing post mastectomy

"Ashleigh's Dance"

Ashleigh Yager, Wellness Coach, loving daughter, and mother-to-be